Wednesday, 5 August 2015

friends favour song

my friens Jackson and pai like the bills song so I am going to put it on my blog

kicks at home

on Thursday me and Kasyn vs Joradn and Seth and Seths team was the warriors my team was rabbitohs and Seth got all the goals and so did I and I got 20 points and Seth got 30 pionts

on thrsday

this is a video of a buld battle that I have been doing on thrsday.

on thrsday

at home I was playing minecraft and I got ione everything and I did not diead  because I had a sowed and amour and Kasyn did not no how to make suff so I made hem suff and I had a red apple and I eater it and. I went in a cave and I found gold

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

after school

today after school me and terau we made  a sowed and I was yes that's what I need and aumor and a creeper killed me and I was like no.

In the weekends

In the weekend me and Jordan went to. Teru's  bithday we went to new plmoth and buyed McDonald's  and we  went to cent city he buyed shors t-shit  and pans and then we went to new plmoth pools.

In the weekend

In the weekend I played watch me whip whip watch Nae nae and I will but it on my blog by Koby